Welcome to Krishna Ceracoats Industries

  Manufacturing Facilities

Krishna Ceracoats was established in 1993 as a manufacturer of Ceramic Glaze Frit & pigments with the intention of providing quality materials to ceramic tile industries. We established ourselves not just as yet another manufacturer, but one with a constant endeavour for quality and providing world class service along with the same.

  Our Goals

  • →  Provide excellent quality standards
  • →  Partner with customer to increase their productivity
  • →  Aim for low reject ratios leading to better profits to our customers
  • →  Support the endeavour of our customers to come up with innovative new aesthetic affects for tiles

  Our Vision

  • →  We strive to be a supplier of high temperature industrial ceramics products, with well organized new product development and excellent service rendering.
  • →  We shall ensure quality, consistency and timely supply of our materials.
  • →  We shall do our best to improve the quality of production for our customers by providing not just materials we manufacture but also other allied materials at competitive prices.
  • →  Our ultimate vision is to be an overall solution provider for tile production.

  Frits & Glazes

  • →  Whether for monoporossa, bicotura or porcelain, we have all the frits that will fit your needs.
  • →  No matter what effect you desire, matt or glossy, we can supply you the frits
  • →  White frits or transparent frits – just a call away
  • →  In addition, we also custom develop compounds for engobe purpose. No need for maintaining stock of various raw materials.
  • →  glazes for all sorts of table ware and bone china are avaiable

  Other Raw Material

  • →  Zinc oxide with 99.4% purity
  • →  Potash feldsphar 11%k2O3
  • →  Calcined Alumina for engobes & Glazes

  We are Environmentally Friendly

  • →  We Use Natural Gas – the cleanest of fossil fuels.
  • →  We recycle water
  • →  We follow the motto of "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle"